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Certified Financial Planner, Advisory Services

We are uniquely positioned to attract and retain Planners and Advisors who are interested in growing, maintaining a mature practice or preparing for succession. 

Growth - according to an unpublished internal study conducted in 2008 by Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, on average, Advisors who join us see their business increase by 26% each year for the first three years. 

Well Established - Making the well established practice even more so may be accomplished by streamlining your current practice, changing your business model, mentoring additional Advisors or through acquisition.  Whatever your strategy we have the tools and resources to help you optimize the value of your firm.

Preparing for Succession - Ensuring your legacy and realizing the value you have built within your business requires a fair business valuation, a suitable successor, minimal client disruption along with the systems and processes to optimize value.

We understand the lifecycle of the Financial Advisor's business and can help you through each phase.

Certified Public Accountant Investment Services

The CPA designation continues to be the most respected and trusted designation in the financial services industry.  As your firm decides to make traditional investment and insurance services available to complement the tax services you currently provide, we have customized contracts to enable the CPA to provide services themselves (Hybrid Contract), employ a registered representative (Dual Contract) or use our firm to manage a registered representative (Managed Contract).  

Banks and Credit Unions are very different from CPA Firms; however the trust clients place in their financial institutions and their CPA's is similar and often long term in nature.  Since the late 80's, we have been contracting with institutions to create programs in the best interest of the client.  To learn more about program structural alternatives, contract differences, securities and insurance licensing requirements, our broker dealer, training programs, management and program implementation, give us a call or contact us by e-mail.